annual conference 15-16 and 20-21 October 2020

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As a CIO with decades of experience, I know how planning with confidence
for the future requires that you are close to other businesses that are innovating, creating wealth and facing challenges that are similar to yours.

I would like to invite you to join the EuroCIO annual conference on 15-16 and 20-21 October and to consider joining us as a member if you are not one already.

EuroCIO is the oldest, largest and most legitimate association of CIOs in the EU
and its annual conference remains the only event for and by European top CIOs.
As an association, we have the unique capacity to mobilise over 1,000 leading European CIOs at any point in time, to represent the demand side of IT towards the European institutions and vendors. Specifically there is a very clear value proposition for you to consider, at the conference and beyond:

IMPACT - Together we are stronger:
If you are not at the table then you are on the menu! We are 1000+ members with €100 billion+ consolidated IT budgets and 700.000+ IT employees. These powerful figures give EuroCIO a unique recognition and a powerful voice with the EU and within
the vendor community.

INNOVATE - Knowledge and insight are key:
Data sharing and innovation is immediately accessible once you are a member
of EuroCIO. Good business is based on a good grasp of facts and innovations
and at EuroCIO, you can always access it.

INTERACT - Networking, access and profile are more important than ever:
Business is about contacts and by joining our association you will have a front door
to knock on in addition to the many doors of the 1000+ companies and administrations we serve.

As a EuroCIO member you can make sure that you have a direct say on how we make the most of our network and strengths.
I will be happy to virtually welcome you at the annual conference on 15-16 and 20-21 October and hopefully as the newest member of our network.

Yours faithfully,

Yugo Neumorni
Chairman of the Board, EuroCIO

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With 1000+ members, €100 billion+ in consolidated IT budgets and representing 700.000+ IT employees, we have an interest in sharing high level information with our peers, and a right to be heard by the EU and by the vendor community.

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Impact. Interact. Innovate.

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